Well Walks

Walk the walk and talk the talk with LifestyleDoc

Combine a wellbeing consultation with a walk in the best of Cornwall's scenery


Walking is a wonderful thing. Walking in Cornwall's stunning countryside is even better.


The awe-inspiring views of the Atlantic ocean and its therapeutic movement create the perfect environment for self-reflection and improvement, encouraging open, flowing, productive conversation. That’s why I use the great Cornish outdoors as my office for my walking consultation sessions. 

Offering both group or individual sessions from location across the entirety of Kernow’s coastline, we’re dedicated to finding the combination that makes you the most comfortable and productive - so we can make (literal!) strides towards progress. 

It’s been proven that it’s easier to retain information received while on the go, so not only are we more at ease than we would other be in a confined space, we’re more likely to accept and implement the solutions we collaboratively arrive at. 

That feeling of going into autopilot we’re all familiar with could be the key to a better you - so whether you’re an avid trekker or need to dig your hiking boots out of your wardrobe, contact us to discuss a package tailor made to you!


Example costs:

Novice - 2 hours £200

Intermediate - 4 hours £400

Advanced - All Day £600

"...a fantastic and really informative walk, your advice was invaluable"


The lifestyle medicine approach  we use should not  clash with treatment and management you have received  from the NHS. Instead it focuses on lifestyle change accepted to be beneficial and assists in it's implementation with a personalised plan and support. Although we will not prescribe medicine for you, if we feel that you would benefit from discussing medication with your GP or another specialist we will of course discuss this with you.