The lifestyle medicine approach  we use should not  clash with treatment and management you have received  from the NHS. Instead it focuses on lifestyle change accepted to be beneficial and assists in it's implementation with a personalised plan and support. Although we will not prescribe medicine for you, if we feel that you would benefit from discussing medication with your GP or another specialist we will of course discuss this with you.

Intensive Package

Initial 2 hour consultation with Dr Mark Crouse and Health and Fitness Practitioner Zoe Crouse.

Follow-up with 3 x 1 hour Doctor appointments and 3 x 1 hour Health and Fitness Practitioner appointments.

Focusing on  nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and ridding  yourself of bad habits, we recommend this course over a 6-12 week period to achieve significant and maintainable changes to your lifestyle.

What to Expect

"Inspiring, assisting and achieving a happier, healthier life"

The key to an effective lifestyle medicine is listening, understanding, communicating and motivating combined with sound clinical skills and knowledge of the lifestyle medicine.

At your appointment Dr Mark Crouse will discuss your health and any diagnoses, problems and symptoms that you have.  You will have an in-depth assessment of lifestyle factors like nutrition, physical activity, sleep and stress.

A detailed management plan will be agreed.

You will receive a detailed summary of your consultation with a management plan.

Joint appointments

At a joint appointment you will be seen by  the doctor and Zoe Crouse, a fitness instructor and nutrition adviser. Zoe will guide you through some physical activities and  give practical advice on nutrition. The combination of a doctor and fitness instructor assessment is designed to  give your  health programme real momentum.

Follow up appointments will assess progress and address any hurdles that you have faced.

Intensive lifestyle packages

We offer intensive packages designed to focus on beneficial lifestyle change over the course of a full day or over several days. These courses will be available on a one to  one or in small groups. Please contact us for more details.

Follow up 

At any follow up appointments your symptoms will be reviewed along with your progress. Any hurdles you have faced will be discussed  and potential adaptations suggested.