What to 


"Inspiring, assisting and achieving a
happier, healthier life”

Effective Lifestyle Medicine is a collaborative effort, comprised of open lines of communication and sound clinical knowledge that create clear strategies and strong motivations to achieve goals. 

Your sessions will involve an initial discussion of any existing symptoms, diagnoses or general problems you may have, followed by an in-depth assessment of lifestyle factors that may be contributing to your concerns; such as nutritional habits, physical activity, sleep and mental wellbeing. 

In the end, we will agree on a comprehensive management plan customised to your specific needs, complete with a detailed summary of your consultation for you to refer to moving forwards. 

Joint Appointments


In order to give your health programme real, positive momentum, joint appointments involve both Dr Mark Crouse and his partner, fitness instructor and nutrition advisor Zoe Crouse. The combination of doctoral and fitness instructor assessments creates a comprehensive account of the intricacies of your needs - as we guide you through physical activities and give practical advice on nutrition practices. 

Intensive Lifestyle Packages

Our intensive packages are specially designed to focus on beneficial lifestyle change over short periods of time; either full day or multiple, shorter sessions. Choose from one to one or group courses and tailor a package that works most effectively for you.

Follow-up Sessions 

When you pop in to see us again, we will review your symptoms and (celebrate!) your progress, discussing any snags you’ve encountered and how best to overcome them! 

Our Services

Intensive Package

Initial 2 hour consultation with Dr Mark Crouse and Health and Fitness Practitioner Zoe Crouse.

Follow-up with 3 x 1 hour Doctor appointments and 3 x 1 hour Health and Fitness Practitioner appointments.

Focusing on  nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction and ridding  yourself of bad habits, we recommend this course over a 6-12 week period to achieve significant and maintainable changes to your lifestyle.