Lifestyle medicine isn't alternative medicine. It's mainstream.

The key difference between Lifestyle Medicine and standard medical practice as found in the NHS is that we stand by an important truth:

Prevention is better than cure.

Focusing on improving sleep, nutrition and exercise, whilst reducing stress and destructive behaviour patterns, Lifestyle Medicine combats the harmful habits regularly linked to prevalent illnesses in modern society. 


Lifestyle Medicine takes the whole view of a person’s life - from their physical, mental, and emotional state - in order to identify and provide guidance, advice and support that enables people to make conscious, positive lifestyle changes to improve their overall health and wellbeing. 

In this way, my treatments tackle the actual causes of chronic illnesses and diseases, rather than simply managing their symptoms and consequences. Forming a relationship with each client to develop a deep understanding of their needs and goals allows me to ultimately deliver the highest quality holistic care - which most GPs strive for, but do not have the time to achieve when confined to a hectic NHS surgery. 

GPs like myself are uniquely placed to provide this type of care because we have a background in recognising and treating chronic disease and insight into the effects of lifestyle on physical and mental health, which provides us with a thorough understanding of the hurdles faced by our patients.


'Lifestyle medicine is a distinct field of medicine aimed at treating the cause of most of our modern diseases with the strongest evidence based modalities available. Since most modern diseases are caused by lifestyle, lifestyle changes must be part of the cure. Although portions of lifestyle medicine (especially nutrition and physical activity) are included in other fields of medicine, lifestyle medicine is distinct because lifestyle change is prescribed as the first line and most important therapy for disease treatment and reversal.’


It might sound like common sense, but the truth is that Lifestyle Medicine is a pioneering field of medicine that is growing across the globe - becoming increasingly regarded as the future of modern healthcare.