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"You identified and simplified the problems and provided realistic solutions and explanations... the treatment I received from you hit the nail on the head immediately and helped loads."
Lifestyle Medicine is for everyone regardless of shape, fitness, age and habits.
Don't let embarrassment or fear get in your way!
  • Want to improve your sleep, weight, nutrition, wellbeing?

  • Want to tackle the causes of chronic disease? 

  • Prepared to make changes?

  • Not making headway on your own?

  • Need expert time and support?

  • Want a personalised approach and plan?


  • We want to hear your story

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Already have the perfect lifestyle with fantastic wellbeing? Then you don't need us! 

Most of us have imperfect lifestyles.

If you would like some help to make a change then why not see what we can offer.


If this isn't quite your body shape...

Don't worry!

We deal with real people with

real problems and real lives





















Wobbly or embarrassed?




Most of us wobble. Many of us wobble a lot!

It's normal to worry about discussing your lifestyle. 

Whatever your shape, size or level of fitness, we will be delighted to meet you and applaud your courage to accept that you need some help.

We know how nervous people can be about making changes to their lifestyle. We also know how many other obstacles there can be.  

You may be feeling really daunted or lost but we will do everything we can to put you at your ease - we have many years of experience of doing so. We always feel flattered that someone wants our advice about their health and  will be impressed that you want to improve your lifestyle.


After 20 years of working as a GP there are no lifestyles that shock me! (Remember that doctor's lifestyles are by no means perfect).

We want to hear your story.

Don't let shame or shyness get in your way. 

Our goal is not to change how you look - it's to change how you feel.

We do not aim to impose a perfect lifestyle - just to help improve your wellbeing.


Shame does not help - it only holds you back.

You are most likely to improve your wellbeing if you do it for yourself for positive reasons, not because someone else wants you to.

Do not underestimate what you can achieve with the right motivation and support.

Don't let that get in your way!

Lifestyledoc focuses on nutrition, activity, sleep, emotional wellbeing and avoiding risky substances to improve your health by treating the causes of chronic disease.

sleep WELL

Good sleep refreshes and heals. Many of us crave it  but struggle to achieve it. Lifestyle plays a crucial role in how we sleep.

Eat Well

A balanced, healthy diet can achieve dramatic short and long term health gains.Temptation and confusing advice often get in the way. 

move well

The right physical exercise not only makes us feel better but is vital to good health. Knowing how to overcome barriers can be life changing.

Think well

Stress, anxiety and low mood  are all increasingly prevalent in modern society. Lifestyle can not only be the cause but also provide the solution.


Unhealthy choices can be seen as a reward or solution to modern stresses. Shaking off addictive behaviour can  provide much greater reward.

LifestyleDoc team and offices

'making a real difference to real  people with real lives'

Lifestyle Medicine is a  pioneering field of medicine that is increasingly regarded as the future of modern healthcare.


Lifestyle medicine is gaining traction because it provides effective solutions, makes sense and has high quality evidence to back it up. Many people will have seen Dr Ranjan Chatterjee discussing and practising Lifestyle Medicine  on TV  ("Doctor in the house"). Others will have seen Dr Michael Mosley demonstrating the critical role diet and exercise have on our health.



"I am writing to express my gratitude for the superb service I have received"

"Thank you for the wonderful care and consideration you gave....my family will be forever grateful"

" ...a kind, considerate and informative doctor. Thanks again for all you've done."

"...thank you for the outstanding service."