Is Lifestyle Medicine for you?


  • Want to feel happier , healthier, more energetic ?

  • Want to sleep better?

  • Want to reverse chronic disease?

  • Want to take control of your health?

  • Wary of more medication, fad diets and unproven alternative therapies?

  • Want to inspire your family to make healthier choices?

  • Not getting anywhere by yourself?

Lifestyle medicine has helped many people with issues like these.


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Do you have diabetes, weight issues, fibromyalgia, hypertension,

depression, sleep problems,

heart disease?


  • All of these conditions and many others can benefit dramatically from a lifestyle medicine approach.

  • Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence based approach that can not just control but actually reverse  some chronic diseases. 

  • The key to success will be the support and motivation from someone who understands what your health problems are and what is a realistic treatment plan for you.

  • Almost certainly you are already aware of some of the areas where you would like to improve your lifestyle - you may have already had some lifestyle advice. Simply being told 'lose weight', 'eat more fruit', 'do more exercise' or 'get more sleep' rarely cuts it. A more informed, specific and individualised plan will have a much greater chance of success. 

  • Remember, whatever your health condition, level of fitness, or previous  failed attempts, there is no need to feel despondent or embarrassed - I want to help. I will be delighted that you are considering making changes. 

Start making a change

Contact us for a free assessment to see if we can help


The lifestyle medicine approach  we use should not  clash with treatment and management you have received  from the NHS. Instead it focuses on lifestyle change accepted to be beneficial and assists in it's implementation with a personalised plan and support. Although we will not prescribe medicine for you, if we feel that you would benefit from discussing medication with your GP or another specialist we will of course discuss this with you.