about Me

I’m Zoë, a certified Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Pilates instructor & unashamed fervent food fanatic!
I excel in enthusing and inspiring midlifers to achieve sustainable weight loss and optimal health from top to bottom with a creative yet pragmatic plan that's as individualised as you are. 
Long term weightloss isn't just about improving nutrition but it is a great place to start.
Working with me we'll explore other factors in your lifestyle which may be impacting your health like sleep, mindset, activity, stress, triggers or blocks.
With my encouragement & support you will learn simple steps to transform your eating habits, nourish your body, reduce
your risk of chronic disease and feel confident about a healthier future.

My Story

I started my health career in nursing in 1990 but quickly became disheartened with caring for increasing numbers of patients with chronic diseases caused by lifestyle choices.

I went on to further study the impact of lifestyle on health with a BSc in Health Sciences when the concept was still in it's infancy yet thankfully gaining traction today.


Zip forward a good few years raising our children I returned to the health field.

After successfully helping several friends and clients transform their health for good they went to encourage me to make it official!

So now I continue to help others like you who feel they’re in a losing battle with their health and specifically their weight, get to the root cause of their issues, stop yo-yo dieting and look forward to maximising their healthful years without sacrificing the things that bring them most the joy & fulfilment in life.

"You made me feel I could really do this.

I feel so confident about the future now." E.S.


about Me

My name is Mark Crouse, and I have worked in Cornwall as a GP for over 20 years.


My broader experience includes working as a Civilian Medical Doctor and Military Medical Examiner with the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, and most recently specialising as a Disability Analyst.


I am one of a small number of doctors formally trained in lifestyle medicine and a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine. 

My Story

While appreciating the rewarding, privileged position I held as a GP, I’ve always known that I could be doing more for my patients if I wasn’t constrained by short consultation times, the need to medicate or the lack of collaboration between patient and clinician. LifestyleDoc is my chance to help my patients by tackling underlying lifestyle problems at their roots, and move away from the quick-fixes becoming too common in today’s NHS.

A sound clinical knowledge is of course essential for an accurate diagnosis, but real change requires a broader knowledge of the specific circumstances, communication and trust. Treatment plans simply can’t be adequately formed through a two-minute discussion at the end of a consultation. They have to be put together like pieces of a puzzle: carefully and precisely, whilst always looking for the bigger picture. 


The evidence for lifestyle medicine being an effective form of treatment is, at this point, overwhelming, with endless examples of patients overcome issues such as obesity, high blood pressure and even diabetes coming directly from a change of lifestyle. Investing time in a patient, understanding their specific needs and background, is a service we all deserve to receive. 

Lifestyle Medicine

In 2018, I made the decision to change my career direction. Studying Lifestyle Medicine as a discipline, I completed the Diploma of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine (Dip IBLM), joining a small group of highly specialist doctors worldwide. As a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine, I am leading the way in this innovative attitude towards health across the UK and beyond. 


This change in field has rejuvenated me as a person, and as a professional. Addressing the negative lifestyle habits in my own life has made me happier, healthier and driven to share my knowledge with you!

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"I am writing to express my gratitude for the superb service I have received"

"Thank you for the wonderful care and consideration you gave....my family will be forever grateful"

" ...a kind, considerate and informative doctor. Thanks again for all you've done."

"...thank you for the outstanding service."



Living with more complex health needs such as high blood pressure, diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression, insomnia or heart disease can be exhausting & challenging.  


Our combined experience, expertise & support can help you navigate your way to safeguarding a brighter, healthier future.

We can create a tailor-made package to suit your individual needs giving you a fully comprehensive platform to build self-reliant future.


Keep reading if.......

  • You're fed up of dieting, losing the weight & piling it back on again...and then some....

  • You're confused by all the mixed messages & have no clue where to start?

  • You've tried on your own, got nowhere and feel even more defeated.

  • You've been told by someone to go away & sort out your health but nothing seems to stick.

  • You've got to "our age" and assume weight gain and health loss is inevitable - or worse still someone's told you that! 

  • You want to do something but you're worried about being miserable in the process or just plain failing! 

  • No food restriction, crazy workouts, fad diets, only evidence based lifestyle change. 

  • You would feel more reassured being guided by a Lifestyle Doctor as well as a Health Coach.

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