Do you have a health or fitness goal that you’re struggling to reach?
Are you putting off taking medication for a condition you’d prefer to manage by lifestyle change – but not sure where to start, or how to do that safely?
Are you looking to make some deep changes in order to help safeguard your longterm health?
Or do you just want to feel somehow … better?
If any of this sounds familiar, then you could benefit from a consultation with LifestyleDoc.


My name is Mark Crouse and I’m LifestyleDoc. I have previously worked in Cornwall as a GP for 20 years, where I saw that time and again, the short consultation times of standard NHS practice combined with the pressure to prescribe was only addressing the effects, rather than the causes, of many modern illnesses. This was deeply unsatisfying for both me as a practitioner, and my patients.


That’s why I decided to move into lifestyle medicine; a pioneering field of practice that is growing across the globe, and is increasingly regarded as the future of modern healthcare.

We recognise that the majority of modern health issues are caused by our lifestyles; that our day-to-day life and activities directly affect our mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. However, medical research shows it is possible to combat completely avoidable health problems at their root.

We’re the absolute opposite of a one-size-fits-all, hectoring or pious approach. We understand that every person is different, has a different lifestyle with different needs. Instead of forcing you into a “good lifestyle” box, we help you develop your ideal lifestyle yourself.


Importantly, we see lifestyle medicine as a two-way street – a mutual dialogue and commitment between a patient and clinician. That starts with taking a detailed, holistic account of your current situation, understanding your wellness aims and goals, and then developing a personally tailored plan based on our expert knowledge.


Our guidance and advice is designed to support you on your personal wellness journey – wherever you’re starting from, and wherever you’re going to.