Inspiring & supporting you towards sustainable weight loss.
Optimise your nutrition with a simple, creative toolkit so you can build a healthful, confident future.
Does any of this sound familiar?
You're fed up of feeling frumpy & lethargic?
You've tried before & piled the weight back on again?
You keep putting off doing something about it until.....?
You hear so many mixed messages out there and feel overwhelmed & confused?
You're frustrated that you're just not getting anywhere?
You want to have more energy & feel more vibrant?
Fed up of yo-yo dieting?
You tend to put everyone else's needs before yours?

With many years of  experience & knowledge in health & wellbeing we are ideally suited to offer you a complete and personalised lifestyle package to resolutely optimise your health outcomes.


Together we'll devise realistic goals that suit you and maximise your strengths. 

We'll support you with the all important accountability and guidance you need and arm you with sound tools to build your confidence to conscientiously "fledge" to better outlook.

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We’re the absolute opposite of a one-size-fits-all, hectoring or pious approach. We understand that everyone is different, has a different lifestyle with different needs. Instead of forcing you into a “good lifestyle” box, we help you develop your ideal lifestyle yourself.


Importantly, we see lifestyle medicine as a two-way street – a mutual dialogue and commitment between a client and clinician. That starts with taking a detailed, holistic account of your current situation, understanding your wellness aims and goals, and then developing a personally tailored plan based on our expert knowledge.


Our guidance and advice is designed to support you on your personal wellness journey – wherever you’re starting from, and wherever you’re going to.

"Zoë's experience and intuition with me was spot on. Her depth of experience, curiosity and the desire to make the journey bespoke for the person she is working with. 
Her beautiful manner and ability to pick up on nuances of that person and how they can be motivated and how they digest information etc is second to none. 
I feel very lucky to have met and worked with Zoë to dramatically enhance and push very much positively forward my nutrition and wellness journey."


"Thinking back, I've spent literally thousands of pounds on well-known weight-loss clubs and I'm still struggling to keep my weight down. This is really good value."


"“Zoë is supportive & honest…..she truly understands food issues & the reasons why we eat the wrong stuff….she is helpful & encouraging when it’s a struggle.”

“Zoë has a wealth of nutritional knowledge to draw upon, making her the right person to help you on the path to success.

“Zoë has been instrumental in my food, drink & lifestyle changes. 

Previously I was consuming way too much & excessively snacking most evenings! Zoë helped me to identify the weakness in my lifestyle & together we worked out a plan that was achievable.”


"Thank you for your time Zoë. It is a continual journey but one I feel very much empowered and now more than ably 'kitted out' for with your 3D approach to the food, movement and being realistic with the complexities and ebb & flow of daily life."


"I found the sessions very helpful, particularly some of the myth busting ... I  found that I was becoming more and more confused the deeper I dug on the internet. Quite refreshing to hear your message of sensible exercise, continued weight loss and good nutrition. This represents extremely good value and I appreciate it. "


"Zoë very much made me feel in charge of my progress. 

Her tips, nutritional advice and support have been invaluable.”

“Over 12 weeks I have lost 22lbs so far! 

I feel really proud of my achievement to date. I am much more confident , have more energy & I am totally in control of my food choices now.”


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